News Archive — 2009

5 Dec

Free RTI for HLA Released

The Portico Project announces release of Portico version 1.0, the free, open source, Run Time Infrastructure (RTI) for the defense and IEEE distributed simulation networking standard High Level Architecture (HLA) 1.3.



13 Nov

Supporting NATO LVC Development

Representing the Australian Defence Simulation Office (ADSO), Calytrix Technologies participated in a week-long technical workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria

15 Oct

JCTC and Calytrix in the ADM

Calytrix (Australia) – The Joint and Combined Training Capability (JCTC) and Calytrix's Simulation and Support Services team's technical achievement during Talisman Sabre 09 where noted in a recent article in the Australian Defence Magazine (ADM)


1 Oct

DMOSS Panel Success

Calytrix (Australia) has been awarded positions on the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) Support Services Panel

10 Aug

Ongoing Support to DSTO

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) has been awarded a follow-up contract for software development support to the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Maritime Operations Division (MOD) located at HMAS STIRLING, Perth.

1 Aug

Mentor Support to Land 121

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) has been selected by the Australian Defence Trials and Evaluation Office to provide support to project DT 871 which will evaluate 26 trucks across 5 categories in order to inform the Land 121 Medium/Heavy Component tender down selection process.


1 Aug

JDSC Support

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) has been awarded two 12 month contracts to support the Joint Decision Support Centre (JDSC) in Canberra, Australia.

15 Jul

DSTO Maritime Operations Division Panel

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) has been selected as a member of the newly formed Defence Science and Technology Organisation’s (DSTO) Industry Support for Project and Engineering Services for Maritime Operations Division (MOD) standing offer panel.

13 Jul

Rapid Development of a UAV Feed

Following the difficulty of getting a live UAV feed from the United States to Australia during TS09, Calytrix Simulation Support staff rapidly developed and operated a constructive UAV from Shoalwater Bay Training Area and Canberra.

13 Jul

Mentor Supports TS09

Calytrix Mentor™ was used as part of the exercise management system on Talisman Saber 09. Deployed across the DTEN, in Australia, and the JTEN, in the US, the tool enabled exercise planners to gain greater understanding of upcoming events.

13 Jul

Bi-Directional I-Hits

As part of Talisman Saber 2009 the Calytrix Simulation Support Services team enabled bi-directional traffic into I-Hits.


7 Jul

Federation Monitoring

In preparation for Exercise Talisman Saber TS09 the Calytrix Simulation Development team developed software to monitor the TS09 federation, network nodes and systems.


15 Jun

ADF VBS2 Lite 2009

Calytrix, in partnership with Bohemia Interactive, has just delivered VBS2 Lite to the ADF

14 May

CNR-Sim 3.0 Released

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of CNR-Sim v3.0 and CNR-Log v1.4 with enhanced recording and playback features.



10 Apr

Updated LVC Game Ships to USMC

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) delivered an updated version of LVC Game last month under contract to the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC).


25 Feb

Calytrix .. a "Company To Watch"

In Atlanta in February 2009, Calytrix Technologies presented its training and simulation products at the Training 2009 Conference.


13 Jan

NATO to deploy VBS2 for Tactical Training

Bohemia Interactive, in partnership with Calytrix Technologies, is very pleased to announce the award of a contract to develop and deliver an Enterprise License of VBS NATO, a modified version of VBS2 that is tailor-made for tactical training across NATO member countries.


5 Jan

US Army Selects Game After Ambush Solution

Calytrix Technologies (Australia/USA), in partnership with Bohemia Interactive and Laser Shot Incorporated, are pleased to announce the contract award for a major new U.S. Army training program known as "Game After Ambush".