News Archive — 2015


1 Dec

Austria Takes the Next Step in Simulation

The Austrian Army is taking a Whole of World approach to its current and future simulation needs, and becomes the first military organisation to sign-up to the Titan CX Early Access Program (EAP) for its virtual training needs.

30 Nov

Calytrix Newsletter: I/ITSEC 2015 Special Edition

As 2015 draws to an end and we gather in Orlando for I/ITSEC, we reflect on a watershed year for Calytrix. In this newsletter we look at Titan and the opportunity for fundamental change it offers, as well as all the comings and goings at Calytrix.


19 Nov

Welcome to Titan — The Future of Simulation

The public pre-release of Titan has arrived and the nature of simulation is now forever changed. In this newsletter we will provide an overview of Titan Vanguard CX and advise how you can get a demonstration and be part of our Early Access Program.


1 Sep

Calytrix Technologies Awarded Development Contract for ADSTC

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) has been awarded a contract for the provision of a Systems Development Team (SDT) in support of the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC). Building on our proven technical delivery and knowledge; Calytrix will continue to assist the ADSTC to develop and mature their synthetic environment.

24 Aug

Calytrix Cost Counter receives Authority to Operate

Calytrix Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that the U.S. Army has issued a Certificate of Networthiness for its Cost Counter software. The receipt of the Certificate of Networthiness is a significant step to show that allows the program to work on all Defense standards compliant simulation systems.

20 Aug

Calytrix, IDS UK & Titan Delivery World Radio

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) in partnership with IDSE UK and TitanIM demonstrated their combined Whole of World advanced HF radio simulation environment during the SimTecT 2015 Conference in Adelaide Australia.


13 Aug

Visit us at SimTecT

Calytrix Technologies will be exhibiting the latest in Whole of World (WoW) virtual simulations next week at the annual SimTecT conference, between August 18 and 21 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia.


7 Jul

Whole of World Simulation

Calytrix is pleased to formally announce its partnership with Titan.IM, the future of simulation.


6 May

Calytrix LVC Game v3.14 - Pi Release!

Calytrix Technologies today released a major update to its indsutry leading serious games integration platform, LVC Game. Lovingly dubbed our 'Pi' release, version 3.14 continues our work to improve the integration experience of all customers. With new workflows that fit naturally with the systems integration process, getting connected has never been as fast and painless as this!

24 Apr

Calytrix Newsletter: April 2015

Training is the key to what we do at Calytrix. Our customers rely on us and our products to make their simulation training as realistic and affordable as possible. In an upcoming era of declining defense budgets it is through this realistic, mission-focused, cost-effective training that excellence is reached.


24 Apr

Calytrix and IDS UK integrate Skywave into VBS

Calytrix Technologies has teamed up with IDS UK to integrate their high fidelity HF Skywave signal propagation model into CNR-Effects. Demonstated with VBS, the integration allows CNR-Sim to model core HF properties such as Automatic Link Establishment Delay, time of day adjustments, surface type effects and solar activity.


13 Mar

Calytrix Europe Supports Austrian Army Virtual

Over a one week period in early March the Austrian army conducted a joint and combined virtual training workshop which saw three nations and 50 infantry and armoured vehicle players participants in a focused low level Combined Arms Combat exercise using multiple simulations running on the latest high end network and computer hardware.


18 Feb

Calytrix Inject Planner v2.2 Released

Calytrix is pleased to announce the release of a new major update to its Inject Planner software. This release includes a number of changes and new features, includin an Upcoming Injects view, exercise cloning, live filtering, classification levels and much more.