News Archive — 2006

11 Dec

Supporting the Boeing SAL

In what is expected to be the first in a larger opportunity, Calytrix Technologies (Australia) delivered COTS software and integration services to the Boeing Systems Analysis Laboratory (SAL) in Brisbane, Australia.



3 Nov

Supporting JCTC and Talisman Sabre

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) has been awarded two new contracts to further its support to the Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC).



26 Sep

Calytrix Joins the JWFC Team

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) was selected by Northrop Grumman Mission Systems (Norfolk, Virginia) as a Technology Partner to support JWFC.


18 Aug

LVC Game goes to work for ASW

Calytrix Technologies has just completed delivery of the latest release of LVC Game to the Australian Army Simulation Wing (ASW).

13 Jul

Calytrix exhibits its technology on Capitol Hill

Calytrix Technologies participated in the first Congressional Modeling & Simulation Caucus, an event sponsored by Congressman Randy Forbes and the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA).



12 Jun

U.S., Australia Link Training Electronically

The Australian Defence Force and U.S. Joint Forces Command have taken their first steps toward networking the two countries’ tactical simulation and training networks, allowing U.S. and Australian forces to train together using a mix of live action and simulators.

25 May

See you at SimTecT '06

Calytrix warmly invites you to attend our booth at the annual Simulation Technology and Training Conference (SimTecT) to be held in Melbourne, Australia from May 29th until June 1st 2006.

6 May

Vital Support to Vital Prospect 2006

During May 2006, the Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre (ADFWC) conducted deployable joint forces headquarters training during its Vital Prospect 2006 (VP06) exercise with Calytrix providing support in a number of key roles.


1 May

Supporting PC-FST

Calytrix Technologies was pleased to support the Maritime Warfare Training Systems Office (MWTS) during the recent Pacific Coalition Fleet Synthetic Training 06 (PC-FST 06) exercises conducted in May 2006.


10 Apr

Moving Ahead - Changes at Calytrix

Following the Board meeting on Friday the 30th March 2005, the Chairman of Calytrix Technologies (Mr Greg Kerr) announced the acceptance of the resignation of Mr Mark Rheinlander from all positions with the Company..


28 Mar

Mentoring JCTC

Calytrix Mentor™ has been selected as the performance management and After Action Review (AAR) system for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC).


15 Jan

Calytrix releases VBS JSAF Gateway

Working with the Australian Defence Simulation Office (ADSO) and Bohemia Interactive Australia (BIA), Calytrix Technologies today delivered the first version of their VBS to JSAF Gateway to the Australian Department of Defence.