NATO to deploy VBS2 for Tactical Training

Bohemia Interactive, in partnership with Calytrix Technologies, is very pleased to announce the award of a contract to develop and deliver an Enterprise License of ‘VBS NATO’, a modified version of VBS2 that is tailor-made for tactical training across NATO member countries.

Due for delivery in mid-2009, VBS NATO will provide the first NATO-wide game-based tactical training capability, allowing distributed forces to interoperate within the powerful VBS2 virtual environment. The implementation will see NATO Allied Commander Transformation (ACT) host a number of dedicated VBS NATO servers that member countries (issued with VBS NATO client licenses) can connect to in order to conduct collective training in a wide range of customizable scenarios.

Bohemia and Calytrix are proud to be working with NATO to deliver this cutting-edge training application and looks forward to VBS providing a valuable training aid to NATO member countries in the very near future.