Delivering Realistic Communications In The Virtual World

Radio communications are not perfect in the Real World, and now simulated radio comms aren’t perfect in the Virtual World. Introducing CNR-Effects, a physics based solution for radio degradation.

The next time you call for a radio check,
don’t settle for “loud and clear”

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Affordable Desktop Radio Training

Real radios are expensive, difficult to obtain, need to be secured and require ongoing maintenance. CNR-Sim provides the alternative solution to using real radios for communications training.

A new and accessible approach
to radio training

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Adding the L to LVC Communications.

To support the ever increasing integration between live, virtual and constructive training there is a need to link real and simulated radio networks.
Using CNR-Live Headquarter staff can, from their workstation, can communicate with people in the field and on live radios.

Seamlessly Connecting
Real and Virtual Radios

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Calytrix Comm Net Radio / Realistic Radio Simulation

Calytrix Comm Net Radio (CNR) is a family of affordable simulated radio and intercom products. The CNR suite provides a full set of communications services from basic voice communications through to highly realistic environmental degradation. Accompanied by tools to monitor, manage and record radio traffic and bridge to live radios. Calytrix CNR is designed to meet all your training needs.



Radio Simulation

The core set of CNR simulation products support your radio training needs. Communication, After Action Review and Administration - we've got them covered.

Add-Ons / Advanced

Take your virtual radio training a step further with these add-ons to the CNR suite, adding advanced features to simulate real world environments and devices.

CNR Hardware

Delivering a realistic and immersive training environment requires the careful blending of live and virtual communications. Our range of hardware products are designed to help you do just that.

Resources / Find Out More

Part of Calytrix's Professional Whitepaper Series, the Simulated Realistic Communications paper discusses the full set of capabilities provided by the CNR suite and how they are being deployed to support training across the world today.
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