Mentor Support to Land 121

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) has been selected by the Australian Defence Trials and Evaluation Office to provide support to project DT 871 which will evaluate 26 trucks across 5 categories in order to inform the Land 121 Medium/Heavy Component tender down selection process.

Land 121 is a multi-phased project that will provide the Field Vehicles, Modules and Trailers and the associated support items that the ADF requires beyond the life-of-type of the current assets in order to meet ADF mobility requirements. The aim of this current phase of the project is to conduct an independent comparative trial in order to inform the Land 121 Medium/Heavy vehicle segment tender down selection. The trial will involve a total of 22 vehicles (plus support elements) provided by four tenders.

The trial is using Calytrix Mentor training management and readiness assessment system under the existing Defence Enterprise Licence; supporting the Land 121 project to collect trial data and generate reports and trend analysis. Mentor has been fielded on a suite of computers which have been installed in each vehicle to allow the rapid collection and collation of driver input against a set of key performance indicators developed by the ADTEO Project Team and DSTO.

Mentor has been configured to allow the Project Office to:

  • Evaluate vehicle performance against key essential requirements as detailed in the Key Essential Requirements Matrix;
  • Use pre-established criteria and weightings to score the performance of each tested vehicle;
  • Score each vehicle in terms of capability when conducting a series of representational operational tasks; and
  • Capture relative operational issues of the vehicles offered as part of tender responses.

The Mentor Data Entry Tool (DET) is being used to allow the test drivers to move away from a paper based system and to ensure that the Trial Director can rapidly generate reports and track the progress of the trial in the field. The Mentor system will provide first line analysis and generate a series of custom reports for the Project and has also been configured by Calytrix to provide data feeds that will allow DSTO personnel to conduct extensive off line analysis of the trials data.

Calytrix Training Systems Manager Matt Moncrieff said that, "the Land 121 Trial offers both an opportunity to support the down selection process as well as giving the ADTEO an opportunity to evaluate Mentor for its applicability across a wider range of trials and evaluation activities."