News Archive — 2014

11 Dec

Calytrix Newsletter: December 2014

Everything short of conflict is training. Calytrix understands the importance of realistic training and our products are designed to ensure the best possible outcome from every training event. In this issue we welcome you to I/ITSEC 2014, reveal our latest CNR Skin, show you how to use CNR-Monitor to train with realistic signal degradation effects and discuss OTH-Gold support.


2 Dec

CNR DTTS Featured at IITSEC 2014

Calytrix Technologies presented the future of affordable desktop radio training during the IITSEC 2014 Innovation Showcase. Delivering an order of magnitude savings, CNR DTTS provides a new approached to effective radio training for individual and class room based requirements.

20 Nov

Gizmodo talks to the ADSTC

"Part Live, Part Virtual: This Massive Australian Military Exercise Simulates An Entire War". Popular tech news site Gizmodo has published an article on the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Center, for which Calytrix Technologies is the lead systems integrator.


10 Oct

Calytrix CNR v5.4 released with major updates

Calytrix Technologies today released a major update to its flagship Comm Net Radio product line. Version 5.4 adds a high-fidelity AN/PRC-152 faceplate for CNR-Skins, updates to CNR-Monitor to provide more ways to stimulate your training audience and includes licensing changes that give CNR-Sim Base and Pro users more capability than ever before.



26 Aug

Calytrix Newsletter - August 2014

In this issue we will review the Australian Defence Force's new radio training solution, open up Inject Planner for online demonstrations and welcome you to our new web site.




1 Jun

24k GFT Downloads and Counting

As reported by the Army Times the latest version of VBS3 has been downloaded over 24,000 times as part of the US Army’s Games For Training (GFT) program.