News Archive — 2005

24 Nov

Calytrix SIMplicity 4.0 is now available

SIMplicity v4.0 is the next step towards Calytrix's goal to deliver a more rigorous MDA solution to the simulation community. SIMplicity v4.0 introduces the next generation of the Calytrix Simulation Component Model (SCM), allowing users to deliver the following new features...


23 Nov

Bohemia and Calytrix Connect

Bohemia Interactive Australia (BIA) and Calytrix Technologies are pleased to announce their recent cooperation to provide DIS and HLA simulation integration to the Real Virtuality synthetic environment, the game engine behind the successful Virtual Battlespace (VBS) series of products.


19 Oct

BAE Systems US Buys SIMplicity

Faced with a need to rapidly prototype a multi-federate HLA system, BAE Systems (US) has chosen Calytrix SIMplicity® to maximize the productivity of their simulation developers.



30 Jul

Calytrix Catches GOANNA

Building on its proven track record, Calytrix is pleased to announce that it was just named the successful bidder on the GONNA project for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

21 Jun

Calytrix Joins the RPDE

Calytrix Technologies has been invited to join the Rapid Prototyping Development And Evaluation Program as an associate member.


18 Jun

Calytrix Delivers on the JSC

Calytrix delivered the first of a number of hardware suites to the Australian Deference Simulation Office (ADSO) in Canberra this month to support their growing ADO Joint Simulation Capability (JSC).

11 Mar

SIMplicity Version 3.4 - Support for MÄK's RTI now available

Perth, Western Australia, 11 March, 2005 Calytrix Technologies announces that Calytrix SIMplicity® - its distributed simulation development environment - now includes support for the MÄK RTI. The MÄK RTI is widely used in US, European and Australian Defence simulations and support for this popular RTI will increase the international market opportunities for Calytrix.


1 Mar

Calytrix SIMplicity 3.4 is now available!

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Calytrix SIMplicity® 3.4, Calytrix's Integrated Development Environment for simulation developers, which includes the following new features and enhancements:


20 Jan

Getting Attached to the VMSA

Calytrix was engaged by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) to develop a Streamer Federate for use within their Virtual Maritime Systems Architecture (VMSA) framework.