Bi-Directional I-Hits

As part of Talisman Saber 2009 the Calytrix Simulation Support Services team enabled bi-directional traffic into I-Hits. Linking I-Hits through Gateway of TENA and HLA (GOTH) Calytrix was able to integrate I-Hits into the broader constructive environment. This enabled soldiers wearing the I-Hits equipment on TS09 to be integrated in real time with entities placed in Joint Semi Automated Forces (JSAF). Proving this capability will enable much greater integration of I-HITS and Land 134 equipment in the wider Live, Virtual and Constructive domain. Brad Walton and Ric Bateson, Calytrix Simulation Engineers and the key designers behind this capability, were delighted when members of the I-Hits team expressed their appreciation for proving this capability outside of the ‘test’ environment. A significant milestone was the I-HITS Integration with the vAC130 Gunship Missions from the US.