News Archive — 2020




1 Sep

Finland Deploys CNR

Calytrix (Europe) – Calytrix is pleased to announce that the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) has recently acquired and deployed their first set of 65 licenses of Calytrix’s Comm Net Radio (CNR) radio simulation suite as part of an expected multiple phase project to enhance the FDF’s virtual training environment.



1 Apr

Boeing has selected CNR for it's DCS&S contract

Calytrix Technologies (UK) is pleased to announce that Boeing has selected the Calytrix Comms Net Radio (CNR) family of products as the underpinning communications framework for its Defence Operational Training Capability (Air) (DOTC(A)) Core System and Services (DCS&S) contract.


27 Jan

Calytrix Attends 7th NATO MSG-146 MSaaS Meeting

After compelling demonstrations of Calytrix's new Exercise and Orchestration Network (EON) cloud services at IITSEC, Calytrix was invited to the 7th NATO MSG-146 Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) forum held in Rome, during the week of January 20th.


26 Jan

Calytrix Opens UK Operations

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce that it has formally established an office in the UK to support a growing number of projects in the UK and Europe.