Whole of World Simulation

Calytrix is pleased to formally announce its partnership with TitanIM, the future of simulation.

A limitless experience, the TitanIM global sandbox represents the next generation of simulation systems: an open environment that collapses virtual and constructive training.

TitanIM sheds the size and performance limitations of legacy systems to provide a visually stunning, global spanning simulation environment. Go from sea, to land, to air and space in one seamless world. No matter your needs, from a purpose built JTAC environment to a replacement for your legacy virtual training system, Titan provides the world.

Working exclusively with Titan, Calytrix is developing and delivering a range of unique services and products from system integration, communications, COP, and game assets.

For more information please contact sales@calytrix.com or visit us at http://www.calytrix.com/titan or at http://www.titan.im.