Calytrix and IDS UK integrate Skywave into VBS

Calytrix Technologies have teamed up with IDS UK to deliver extended, HF simulation capability to their flagship Comm Net Radio product range.

Calytrix CNR-Effects is a part of the CNR-Sim Pro suite of products. CNR-Effects integrates into the radio simulation and dynamically applies audio degradation on an incoming signal based on the calculations of an external model. Previous integrations have delivered a line-of-sight capability using a live VBS environment for terrain profiling, building, urban and weather environment.

Working with the IDS team we have now developed a new plug-in that integrates their HF Skywave model into CNR-Effects, allowing for realistic modelling of ionospheric propagation and HF radio behaviour at a level of depth previously unavailable. The IDS Skywave plugin models signal loss using:

  • Automatic Link Establishment Delay
  • Transmit Power
  • Sender and Receiver Location
  • Time of day, month and year
  • Antenna type
  • Surface type at sender and receiver
  • Environment (Urban, Rural, etc.)
  • Projects solar activity

The new capability integrate with VBS to obtain live location information, details about time of day, weather, urban build-up and surface type at the transmitter and receiver. This information is then given to the IDS Skywave model which determines how to degrade and delay the signal to simulation the HF communications environment.

As the visual capability of virtual simulation systems continues to move towards ever increasing levels of realism, groups like Calytrix and IDS are focusing on ways to ensure that the communications environment follows suit.

This capability will be on display at ITEC, so come and see us at Booth 4A-2 or contact us for more information.