Calytrix, IDS UK & Titan Delivery World Radio

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) in partnership with IDSE UK and TitanIM demonstrated their combined Whole of World advanced HF radio simulation environment during the SimTecT 2015 Conference in Adelaide Australia.

Using the Titan engine to deliver a global virtual world and the IDS advanced HF radio physics module, Calytrix was able to deliver a highly realistic virtual radio environment using CNR-Sim that simulates the effects of distance, terrain, time of day, date, solar activity and weather on the application of HF radio training. With this system, codename World Radio, for the first time users are able to get a highly realistic audio simulation of the challenges of using HF radio communication bands in the real world; a crucial planning aspect of any operation.

Figure: Calytrix CNR radio simulator integrated into the Titan AAR

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About Calytrix Technologies: Calytrix Technologies is a Training and Simulation company specializing in developing and delivering integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive training solutions. Uniquely combining simulation product development with training subject matter experts, Calytrix enhances operational readiness and training outcomes in both the Defense and Civilian domains.

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