Calytrix Technologies Releases Newest Revision of its CNR-Sidetone Audio Processing Unit

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Revision I of its Comm Net Radio (CNR) Sidetone Audio Processing unit. Calytrix CNR-Sidetone is a small USB-powered audio mixing device that connects the user's headset and computer, providing dramatically enhanced audio realism within a simulated radio environment.

Revision I of CNR-Sidetone includes a number of significant features and upgrades. A summary of the major features include:

CNR-Sidetone Audio Processing Unit Version I
CNR-Sidetone Audio Processing Unit Version I

  • The user hears sidetone (audio feedback of the user's own voice) mixed with the user's computer sounds (e.g. VBS3 sounds) to create a far more realistic audio effect. The sidetone effect greatly reduces "headphone fatigue" while adding to the sense of realism associated with the immersive virtual 3D world.
  • The combination of CNR-Effects and CNR-Sidetone adds audio environment realism that is otherwise unavailable. CNR-Sidetone's audio output, producing a transmission from a CNR-Sim Pro radio, is a mix of the user's voice and the user's environment sounds (e.g. VBS3 game sounds such as gun fire or helicopter wash). When used with CNR-Effects, CNR-Sidetone's audio output to the user's headphones is a mix of that user's environments sounds (e.g. VBS3 game sounds) and incoming radio receptions which have been altered by physics-based effects of radio signal propagation and degradations.
  • The ability to connect military grade headsets and/or handsets.
  • Operable with real Push To Talk hardware (electrical switches).
  • Addition of an Accent switch which is used in conjunction with CNR-Intercom. The circuit allows the incoming radio signals to be quieted to allow intercom audio to take priority.