Calytrix Introduces Titan CX — the Future of Simulation

Calytrix is working closely with Titan.IM to deliver the future of simulation. With a focus on the Whole of World, Titan CX uniquely delivers a global sandbox, where a user can literally go from sea, to land, to air and space in a seamless, visually stunning and open virtual environment. No matter your needs, from a purpose build JTAC environment to an alternative to your dated virtual battlefield game, Titan provides the world.

At Calytrix we believe that in order to create true change, we must examine the core problems of current legacy simulations and invest in new technologies that will solve today’s limitation: technologies that will allow Calytrix and our partners to:

  • Collapse virtual and constructive simulations into one environment;
  • Supports land, sea, air and space applications in one system;
  • Provide ‘whole of world’ terrain with no box-size limitations;
  • Access truly open platforms that support modern development techniques and open standards;
  • Transition from the desktop to the cloud to meet future needs.

Exclusively built on the Outerra simulation engine, Titan Integrated Military (Titan IM) and Calytrix Technologies have joined forces to release Titan Vanguard CX — a new ‘whole of world’ simulation environment that:

  • Delivers the entire globe with pre-built terrain;
  • Supports space, air, land, sea and sub-surface applications in the one seamless system;
  • Is facilitating a collapse of virtual and constructive concepts into one platform;
  • Provides an out-of-the box first person training environment;
  • Delivers an open development platform that supports modern programming methodologies; and
  • …is the future of simulation.

Titan CX will be extensively showcased at I/ITSEC 2015 in Calytrix Booth 2459.