Austria Takes the Next Step in Simulation

The Austrian Army is taking a Whole of World approach to its current and future simulation needs by becoming the first military organisation to sign-up to the Titan CX Early Access Program (EAP) for its virtual training needs. The project, supported by Calytrix Technologies, will be the first true deployment of the emerging Titan simulation framework and will initially focus on the delivery of updated virtual infantry training.

Delivered in partnership between Calytrix Technologies and TitanIM, the Titan CX product is a new generation and approach to synthetic environments. Titan CX delivers the entire world terrain in real-time within a stunningly rendered visual environment. For the first time users can operate across the land, sea, air and even space domains in the one synthetic environment. The system is the start of integrating virtual first-person requirements with higher-level constructive capabilities. Titan CX is an open platform that encourages end user-development while delivering all the tools needed for an “out of the box” training system.

Mr. Ulf Krahn, representing Calytrix Europe said, “This is really a fantastic opportunity to extend our current synthetic training program with the Austrian Army to a whole new level. Unlike older technologies, Titan opens up a whole new technology paradigm in simulated training and will allow expansion beyond current limitations. Titan solves a lot of legacy issues and really unifies our delivery model. Our November 2015 exercise series will see Titan at the forefront in an integrated event with Steel Beasts to deliver a complete land based training system, including DIS/HLA integration, radio simulations and exercise planning tools. I believe Austria is shaping the future of virtual training and is at the forefront of synthetic training as it takes delivery of Titan CX this year.”

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