Calytrix SIMplicity® supports Raytheon Virtual Technology Corporation's (VTC) RTI NG Pro®

WASHINGTON D.C., (Dec. 5, 2006) – Calytrix Technologies' SIMplicity® distributed simulation development tool now supports the latest release of Raytheon Virtual Technology Corporation's (VTC) industry leading HLA infrastructure RTI NG Pro®. The pairing of SIMplicity with RTI NG Pro V4.0 provides a robust, end-to-end development and runtime package for High Level Architecture (HLA) based systems. Especially important to users of large HLA systems, this product pairing provides maximum capability at minimal cost, since SIMplicity's auto-generated code is royalty-free and RTI NG Pro allows users to run an unlimited number of federations at each site within the low, fixed fee license cost.

Calytrix SIMplicity is a model-driven architecture design tool and automatic code generator for distributed simulations. SIMplicity users design and interact with HLA federates through a model-driven, GUI-based view of the simulation network, its federates, and data flows. SIMplicity then converts the users' designs into auto-generated "glue" code that connects those federates to the HLA network and provides key runtime interactions. SIMplicity auto-generates all needed connection and control code for use with the user-designated HLA runtime infrastructure (HLA RTI), such as Raytheon VTC's RTI NG Pro.

Raytheon VTC's RTI NG Pro V4.0 implements the HLA Interface Specification version 1.3 and provides initial support for IEEE 1516 standard with the alternate Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Dynamic Link Compatible Application Programmers Interface (DLC API). RTI NG Pro has consistently been recognized by the largest and most important US DoD distributed M&S efforts as the HLA infrastructure that best meets their current and future needs in a cost-effective manner. Fully supported by Raytheon VTC, RTI NG Pro has become the most widely used and relied upon HLA infrastructure available.

Calytrix SIMplicity and Raytheon VTC's RTI NG Pro will be used together on the upcoming Talisman Saber '07 joint training exercise involving US and Australian forces. Demonstration examples of this connectivity will be shown during I/ITSEC in Calytrix's booth #2283, and the Australian Joint Combined Training Center (JCTC) booth #2277. Further inquiries regarding RTI NG Pro may be directed to Raytheon VTC in booth #2301. Calytrix Technologies has offices in Perth, Australia and Dayton, Ohio, providing commercial, off-the-shelf simulation and training products, plus technical support and customized solutions to customers worldwide.

Raytheon VTC, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia is a leader in distributed simulation technology, interoperability solutions and the application of the latest technology to solve challenging, mission-critical problems for defense and aerospace customers. Raytheon Company, with 2005 sales of $21.9 billion, is an industry leader in defense and government electronics, space, information technology, technical services, and business and special mission aircraft. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs 80,000 people worldwide.