Australian Defence Force 'Gets Talking' with the new release of CNR-Sim

Calytrix Technologies announces the release of version 2.0 of CNR-Sim; a software-only cross-platform intercom/radio solution for simulation networks. CNR-Sim provides voice communications over a Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) network, simulating operation of an unlimited number of channels (simulated radio frequencies) and groups of users.

The first group to 'get talking' with the new CNR-Sim is the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who recently purchased a site license to support their joint training needs.

New features of CNR-Sim 2.0 include:

  • A new slim and intuitive radio interface
  • A fully integrated Teams and Channels editor with network sharing options
  • Configurable Global Push to Talk Hot Keys to trigger transmissions even when the software is minimised or not in focus
  • Support for Push To Talk hardware solutions such as the XKeys foot pedal to trigger transmissions on a specific audio Channel
  • Improved performance and sound clarity
  • The ability to listen to one or multiple channels simultaneously
  • Interoperability with the US Marine Corp ‘Marine Digital Voice’ software with PCM encoding
  • Common master channels between teams (for exercise coordinators and instructors)

CNR-Sim Radio Screenshot

To learn more about CNR-Sim, please visit for a free demonstration.