Vital Support to Vital Prospect 2006

During May 2006, the Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre (ADFWC) conducted deployable joint forces headquarters training during its Vital Prospect 2006 (VP06) exercise. VP06 incorporated training sites at RAAF Base Williamtown and Greenbank Army Training Area in Brisbane to deliver Joint Command Post Exercise (CPX) training over the 10 day period. VP06 was also ADFWC's first live application of the US developed Joint Semi-Automated Forces (JSAF) constructive simulation environment.

Calytrix roles during VP06 included:

  1. Supplying JSAF Subject Matter Experts to help ensure the smooth running of the constructive environment;
  2. Supporting the integration of JSAF to existing Command & Control (C2) systems through a co-developed toolset from DSTO, ADFWC and Calytrix called "JSAF Reports"; and
  3. Applying the Calytrix Mentor performance assessment tool in the Joint domain.

By all accounts VP06 was a great success, with JSAF, JSAF Reports and Mentor all proving their value going forward.