Supporting PC-FST

Calytrix Technologies was pleased to support the Maritime Warfare Training Systems Office (MWTS) during the recent Pacific Coalition Fleet Synthetic Training 06 (PC-FST 06) exercises conducted in May 2006. PC-FST 06 was the first in what will hopefully become regular joint colation training exercises between the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the US Navy (USN). The 2006 event saw participants from Australia, the US and Japan join forces from both live and simulated platforms to conduct coalition level training.

As part of the RAN's ongoing MAritime Training And Evaluation System (MATES), Calytrix Mentor™ was used to assess various aspects of the event. Calytrix Mentor is an objectives-based performance assessment tool for developing and managing individual and team/collective training exercises and knowledge; capturing and recording training results; and generating assessments and analysis reports. Mentor is currently used for Command Team Training at HMAS Watson.

To learn more about Mentor in the Royal Australian Navy please visit the RAN's Sea Talk site