Calytrix CNR v5.4 released with major updates

Perth, Western Australia – Calytrix Technologies is pleased to release a major update to our flagship Comm Net Radio product line: CNR Version 5.4. Released today, CNR v5.4 delivers an unprecedented level of capability to our customers, with a heavy focus on deploying the system in new and novel ways to support radio training.

This release provides major updates to the CNR-Skins and CNR-Monitor product lines, and includes changes to CNR's bundling that give Base and Pro licensed users more capability and support than ever before.

CNR-Skins: AN/PRC-152 Faceplate

Developed as part of Calytrix's new Radio Desktop Training System (RDTTS), the high-fidelity AN/PRC-152 faceplate for CNR-Skins allows users to perform a much broader range of training tasks.

Delivering effective radio training is often difficult for three major reasons:

  • Equipment is in short supply
  • The radios are controlled items, imposing special handling and security requirements
  • Use of particular RF ranges is restrcited

With CNR-Skins, users are able to removing these roadblocks and deploy a capability that will support radio familiarization training, skills maintenance training, and radio procedure training (RATEL) on devices such as a touch-screen tablets, or standard desktop comptuers. Through customized additional content packages, CNR-Skins can also be configured to deliver customer-specific training materials and lesson plans from directly within the application.

The high-fidelity AN/PRC-152 faceplate emulates the operation of the radio, linking into CNR-Sim to provide communications on a standard network. It includes support for core communications and simulates procedures such as:

  • Crypto Key Fill
    • Add Crypto keys to the radio and have these affect transmission and reception
    • Key filling, clearing and management modelled
  • Radio Operation
    • Support for the loading and management of channels
    • Support for the use of various channels in standard communication modes
    • Realistic interface for the radio, both in terms of navigation/operation and look and feel
  • Power On Self Test (delays radio startup realistically)
  • Software Verification Checks (simulated procedure)
  • Beacon Mode (send a signal out on a specific channel)
  • Much more!
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To ensure the highest level of skills transference between the simulated and real radios, we have also completely remodelled the skin, delivering a high-resolution display and allowing users to switch through many different views.

CNR-Monitor for EA/EW Training

Simulating the effects of EA/EW for students to experience as part of basic radio training is difficult. Making use of EA/EW devices is most often prohibited due to its impact across the radio spectrum and the affect this has on others outside the training audience.

CNR-Monitor has been updated with a number of new settings to allow instructors even more control over their CNR network, including the ability to introduce manual degradation effects for remote radios.

From CNR-Monitor, users can adjust effects such as Attenuation, Delay, Distortion, Dropouts, Saturation and White Noise:

In addition to these changes we have also extended the set of features an instructor can control from CNR-Montior to cover all degradation effects (statically generated or CNR-Effects based).

CNR-Effects and VBS Degradation

CNR-Effects tightly integrates with VBS to deliver realistic signal degradation based on the physical environment inside the virtual world. Taking into account radio properties, line-of-sight, building obstructions, areas of vegetation and weather, the signal received by a user is truly representative of what they would hear in the real world. To give users the ability to micro-adjust some of these settings, in this release of CNR we have added controls that allow a user to ramp up or down the effect generated by a single sub-component. If you want the weather to have a disproportionate impact on degradation, or you just with to minimize the loss generated by buildings, you can use this dialog to adjust settings to your training requirement.

Expanded Linux Support

Following customer request, Calytrix has now released a fully supported 32-bit Linux distribution of CNR in addition to the existing 64-bit Linux and 32/64-bit Windows packages. Both versions of the Linux distribution are supported across current releases of CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu LTS.

Licensing and Support Changes

Here at Calytrix we want to help our customers get the most out of CNR that they possibly can. Today we are announcing major changes licensing and support entitlemente designed to give customers access to more capability at the Base and Pro levels than ever before.

From version 5.4 onwards, users of CNR-Sim Base will now gain the ability to remote control their radios from CNR-Monitor, allowing an instructor to rapidly configure classrooms of computers with a single click.

CNR-Sim Base users today also gain access to the CNR Software Developer's Kit (SDK) as standard. This allows software developers to embed the CNR-Sim platform directly into their own applications, leveraging its robust communications capabilities.

Calytrix CNR-Effects dynamically adjusts and degrades communicates based on real-world signal propagation characteristics. Integrated tightly into tools such as VBS, it delivers an unpredecnded level of realism to virtual environments. As of today, CNR-Effects is bundled freely with CNR-Sim Pro suite.

CNR-Sim Base

The introductory level for the radio training system. Supporting a range of features to help build an enhanced communications environment.

  • Unlimited Channels
  • Radio Profiles
  • Configurable Hotkeys
  • Left Ear/Right Ear Audio
  • Voice Activated Keying
  • Text Chat
  • External Sound Injection
  • Customizable Squelch Tones
  • Adjustable Ambient Sounds
  • Centralized Management with CNR-Monitor
  • Full Developer Platform via CNR SDK
  • Adjustable Degradation Effects
CNR-Sim Pro

Our full-fidelity simulation. Build complex, dynamic training environments or embed directly into your simulator as a turn-key comms solution.

  • Dynamic, environment-based degradataion with CNR-Effects
  • Antenna Modelling
  • Line-of-Sight from VBS or Terrain Data
  • Building and Obstruction Effects
  • Weather effects on propagation

Extended Support

We want all our customers to get up and running with CNR as quickly as possible. To assist this process Calytrix are now giving away the first year of support and maintenance for free with every CNR purchase. You can rest easy knowing that you have access to Calytrix's support technicians and software updates for this extended period to help get you off on the right foot!

License Server Web UI

Finally, with CNR v5.4 Calytrix are introducing a simpler way to manage network licenses. We have developed a new browser-based CNR-License Server UI, allowing management and control of licensing from anywhere on your network. Simply start the license server and navigate to the site in your browser to load licenses, view expiry and maintenance details, see who is using the licenses on your network and control the server itself.

Download CNR

Calytrix CNR v5.4 is available now for all users under active maintenance. To get started just contact support, or if you are a new user, request a free evaluation.

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