Calytrix to provide a Radio Desk Top Training System to the Australian Defence Force

Calytrix has been contracted to provide 20 sets of our Radio Desk Top Training System to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The Australian Army is in the process of introducing a new digitised radio into service: the Harris AN/PRC- 152. PRC RadioThe introduction of new radio imposes a huge training liability on any organisation. The requirement to qualify all current personnel as well as conduct initial communications was to be a large imposition. In order to enable training to be more effectively conducted Army has selected the Calytrix Radio Desk Top Training System to assist with the training. Using the Calytrix system the requirement to use real radios to support training is significantly reduced.

Each system is established with 20 touchscreen tablets all preloaded with CNR Sim, CNR Skins and CNR Log. The system is connected wirelessly, each tablet has a headset and a separate instructor’s station enables the instructor to manipulate frequencies, input different effects, while logging all student communication. The ADF opted to acquire the additional CNR Live function which connects the simulated system to real radios. In this manner, trainees can be rotated through the simulated system and real radios thus ensuring that everyone gains maximum benefit from limited resources.

(While the ADF opted for a fully deployable system the capability exists for the system to function in a customers already established training room using normal PCs.)

Radio Desk Top Training System

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