Airbus Space & Defense Integrates CNR into SIMFAC

Airbus Space & Defense has integrated Calytrix’s Comm Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim) and CNR-Log into SIMFAC, Airbus’s “Simulator for Forward Air Controllers”. SIMFAC is a VBS2-based training device that is accredited by NATO to train forward air controllers (FACs).

Hervé Biran, Airbus’s virtual simulation expert, led the integration effort, adding realistic push-to-talk radio simulation to SIMFAC so trainee FACs can communicate with external (simulated) aircraft in the same way they will do during combat operations. For added realism, Hervé’s group produced a special radio channel selector (electromechanical device) for trainee FACs. A FAC trainee operates a switch on that device to select amongst eight different radio channels. Airbus’s integration software monitors the position of that switch and sets CNR-Sim’s active radio channel accordingly by calling a function in CNR-Sim’s application programmers interface (API).

After Action Review (AAR) is a critically important feature of SIMFAC. Through integration of CNR-Sim and CNR-Log, SIMFAC’s AAR replays radio communications in sync with replay of the 3D visuals.

More information about SIMFAC is available at: