BAE Systems US Buys SIMplicity

Faced with a need to rapidly prototype a multi-federate HLA system, BAE Systems (US) has chosen Calytrix SIMplicity® to maximize the productivity of their simulation developers.

As part of this multi-license sale, BAE Systems also purchased an on-site training course. This course was delivered in mid October at BAE's facilities at Reston, Virginia and was positively received by the nine simulation developers who attended.

In addition, the training course was the first public outing of the soon-to-be-released SIMplicity 4.0 environment. SIMplicity 4.0 uses Calytrix's new architecture, based on the MDA from the OMG, to improve on SIMplicity's existing cross-vendor and cross-standard RTI support, and introduces support for DIS and full 1516 capabilities.

SIMplicity 4.0 for C++ will be on show this November/December at IITSEC in Orland. </section> </article>