Calytrix Joins the RPDE

Calytrix Technologies has been invited to join the Rapid Prototyping Development And Evaluation Program as an associate member. The Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE) Program is a collaborative venture between the Australian Department of Defence and industry. The Mission of the RPDE Program is ‘To enhance ADF warfighting capacity through accelerated capability change in the Network Centric Warfare (NCW) environment’. Put simply, the vehicle for achieving this mission are ‘RPDE Tasks’ and the key enabler for our Tasks is an effective ‘industry/Defence Partnership’. Shawn Parr, Co-Founder of Calytrix, formally accepted the invitation at a ceremony in Canberra on June 21st. Shawn said that the acceptance into the RPDE program recognized Calytrix’s growing capabilities in the defence and simulation area.