Calytrix Unveils New Tools at I/ITSEC

Calytrix invites you to visit booth #2017 to see the latest releases of our established COTS products and exciting new tools released since last year's I/ITSEC, including:
  • Calytrix SIMplicity® for distributed simulation development (DIS/HLA/1516 standards)
    • Recently selected by BAE Systems in North America
  • Calytrix Mentor™ training performance assessment and readiness assessment
    • Recently selected by the Australian Defence Force for Joint Combined Training Center (JCTC).
  • Calytrix DC® - Distributed repositories and collaborative file sharing in military secure environments
    • Recently selected by the Canadian Forces’ Maritime Warfare Training Centre for the Griffon Mothership Modeling and Simulation Resource Repository
  • CNR-Sim *New* - Voice over DIS communications
    • Recently selected by the New Zealand Army
  • Calytrix JET *New* - A GUI-based editor for Joint Semi-Automated Forces (JSAF) entities
    • Recently selected by the Australian Defence Force.
In addition to our Commercial Off-The-Shelf products, we are pleased to announce two key partnerships with Special Ops and Bohemia Interactive Australia.

Calytrix and Special Ops are "Getting Data to the Dirt" - this partnership brings together Calytrix' software capabilities with Special Ops' hardware and operational expertise, providing our customers with a one-stop-shop for networked tactical operations in high stress environments.

Special Ops has the proven ability to support the Warfighter in planning, contracting, fabricating, delivering and training the customer with deployable TOC equipment. Users include 3rd ID (DTAC, DMAIN and DREAR), 4th ID (DTAC1, DTAC2 and DMAIN), USSOCOM (JTF), 42nd ID (DMAIN) and 82nd Airborne Division (DMAIN).

Our current joint focus areas include:

  • After Action Reviews at Tactical Operations Centers (TOC)
  • Training performance assessment for Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) training exercises
  • Emergency Responder Networks - from the transmitter to the terminal
Calytrix and Bohemia Interactive Australia have joined forces to enable Bohemia's interactive game, Virtual Battlespace (VBS2) to be used in military DIS and HLA environments and to broaden Calytrix’s tools offerings for JSAF users VBS2 provides very low cost, high performance, off the shelf, interactive visualizations of complex environments including military operations in urban terrain (MOUT). Its ability to support very large network sessions lets VBS2 scale to the largest military training requirements.

VBS1 is in use with a number of military organisations worldwide including the US Marine Corps, US Army and the Australian Defence Force. The Calytrix VBS2 Gateway enables the new version of this popular military CBT training software to be used in conjunction with existing military training tools in LVC environments.

The VBS2 Gateway uses Calytrix SIMplicity’s standards-based code generation to ensure that it can be rapidly deployed into vendor specific DIS, HLA 1.3 and 1516 environments.

The Calytrix VBS2 Gateway provides full bi-directional integration with JSAF, enabling VBS2 to serve as a completely interactive three-dimensional front end to JSAF with support for photo-realistic terrain areas hundreds of kilometres in size. </section> </article>