Calytrix Supports Multi-National Games in New Zealand

From August 26 until September 2 2005, the New Zealand and Singaporean Armies participated in a large simulated war game, Exercise Lion Spirit, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Hundreds of military and civilian personnel from both nations took part in this high level tactical simulation.

Calytrix played a key role in the development and implementation of the New Zealand Army’s Synthetic Environment (ASE), the key infrastructure behind Lion Spirit. The ASE is based around the US developed Joint Semi Automated Forces (JSAF) constructive simulation.

Calytrix was also on site in New Zealand during Exercise Lion Spirit to provide technical support and oversee the day to day running of the eleven-battalion war game.

The war game composed of New Zealand and Singaporean forces working in coalition against a hypothetical opposition forces on terrain situated in New Zealand’s South Island. The lower control commanders were directly stimulated via the use of the constructive simulation, High Control relied solely on reports relayed via radio communication and LionNet; a common operating picture package that was populated in near realtime by NZDF Joint Geospatial personnel. Exercise control carefully monitored the entire event to ensure the simulation outcomes were achieved and correct reporting was communicated.

All in the all, the war game was a success, with the appropriate outcomes achieved through the use of the New Zealand Army Synthetic Environment and LionNet. Calytrix Technologies was a proud participant in Exercise Lion Spirit 2005. </section> </article>