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“Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more."  ~Bob Talbert

Calytrix considers Instructors (Teachers) as well as Trainees as we design and develop our simulation products.  We think Instructors, especially, will appreciate our newest product, CNR-Monitor (see below).

In this issue of our Newsletter, we describe Calytrix's recent expansion in the US, product updates, and applications of Calytrix's simulation and training products and services.

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Calytrix Opens New Office in Orlando

Calytrix Technologies Inc has opened a new office in Orlando, Florida, to better serve the US military simulation and training organizations and to work more closely with other simulation companies in the area.

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Buck Connor

Buck Connor:  New President of Calytrix Technologies Inc.

Arthur "Buck" Connor is Calytrix Technologies Inc's new President.  Buck is a retired US Army Colonel whose military career followed graduation from the US Military Academy (West Point) with 24 years of service including a combat tour in Iraq. Following his military service, Buck worked 8 years with a large defense company in Orlando, managing multiple large contracts delivering OneSAF, SE Core and similar items to US military customers.

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VESARS image

LVC Game Provides DIS/HLA Connectivity to VESARS Situational Awareness Trainer

SA Technologies, the world leader in situation awareness research, has integrated Calytrix’s LVC Game with its Virtual Environment Situation Awareness Rating System (VESARS).

By monitoring DIS/HLA network activity through the LVC Game connection, VESARS collects data on the situation awareness of individuals and teams during interactive scenarios in a virtual reality simulator (VBS2-based). VESARS then provides targeted feedback for After Action Review (AAR) to demonstrate where situation awareness may be weak and how to fine tune the processes individuals and teams employ to gather and interpret information.

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New CNR-Monitor Makes 9

The upcoming release of CNR version 5.2 contains the new CNR-Monitor, the ninth product in the CNR family.

CNR-Monitor lets its user centrally administer a CNR-Sim network:

  • Remotely configure a single radio or a group of radios.  Groups can be set manually or set automatically through user-defined rules.
  • Remotely view the status of CNR-Sim radios, including operating frequency, transmit status and radio identifier.

CNR-Monitor will be available as a free extension of CNR-Sim Pro.

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MT2 2013 Ribbon

Calytrix Designated A "2013 Top Simulation & Training Company"

Military Training Technology (MT2) magazine has designated Calytrix a "Top Simulation and Training Company" for 2013, with additional award recognition for "Best Programs".  Calytrix is very pleased to have received this prestigious industry recognition for the seventh year in a row.

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Product Support Product Support

Calytrix prides itself on its provision of tech support and software maintenance. In general, we update our products with a major version approximately twice per year, with minor updates occurring as needed.

Calytrix's support to customers includes:

  1. Detailed user's manuals
  2. Online "Knowledge Base"
  3. Full tech support & product upgrades to customers after the sale
  4. Monitoring of inquiries by our full-time support manager, operations manager, product engineers, trainers, and application specialists
  5. Automated inquiry tracking system ensures rapid responses and resolution of problems
  6. Assistance in multiple languages and timezones from Calytrix and our network of international resellers
  7. Hyperlinked "Help" documentation auto-installed with all software products
  8. Intense software Quality Assurance (QA) processes throughout product development and prior to product release, using well-documented test plans and procedures, and testing on various computers in diverse networking environments and configurations (e.g. multiple operating systems).
  9. Tracking of evolving industry standards (e.g. DIS/HLA standards)
  10. Tech Notes in newsletters

Need help with a Calytrix product?  Email us at Support@calytrix.com

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Calvin with Liberator headset and CNR-Sidetone

Tactile & Audio Realism in JTAC Training

Calytrix Technologies Inc's Training Group Manager Calvin "Cal" Hughes uses a Liberator III tactical headset with CNR-Sidetone for physical, audio, and operational realism.  A simple wiring adapter, available from Calytrix, connects the Liberator III to CNR-Sidetone.

CNR-Sidetone closes the loop in JTAC training, allowing use of a critical component often missing from JTAC trainers, specifically the government-issued headset used in field operations.  CNR-Sidetone immerses the JTAC wearing a field headset in a communications environment based on CNR-Sim with CNR-Effects.  This combination allows the JTAC to train with operational realism not found in other systems.

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Calytrix USA Is Recruiting

Calytrix is seeking applicants for two positions in Orlando:  Application Support Engineer and Simulation Trainer.

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I/ITSEC 2013 logo

I/ITSEC 2013:  Booth 2226

Calytrix will exhibit its software and hardware products at I/ITSEC 2013 in Orlando, Florida, USA, 2-5 December.  Come see us in booth 2226.  We hope to see you there.

I/ITSEC 2013



Tech Note

Manage a Radio/Intercom Network with CNR-Monitor

Calytrix’s new Comm Net Radio Monitor, CNR-Monitor, is a network management tool for simulation administrators and classroom instructors, allowing them to easily and quickly configure, control and oversee a network of CNR-Sim radios.

Four examples highlight CNR-Monitor's features:

  1. Users of CNR-Monitor can partition networked CNR-Sim radios into logical groups. This image shows a Group Membership Rule that automatically places all radios having DIS 'Country' identifier of "United States" or "Australia" into the "BLUFOR" group.

    CNR-Monitor define group

    In addition to automated grouping by application of user-defined Membership Rules, grouping can be performed manually by dragging radios (CNR-Sim icons) onto an existing group’s name.

  2. All radios in a CNR-Monitor group can be controlled by a single action of the Administrator or Instructor. In this example, all "Bravo" group radios are Powered On.

    CNR-Monitor group control

  3. CNR-Monitor can automatically send Channel Presets and other settings to all radios in a Group, reconfiguring and standardizing a whole network of CNR-Sim radios from one central location.

    CNR-Monitor join action

  4. CNR-Monitor lets its user inspect and configure properties of individual radios, while those radios are idle and also while they are in operation.

    CNR-Monitor see radio properties

As shown in the examples above, CNR-Monitor lets Administrators manage a network installation of many CNR-Sim radios much more easily and rapidly than configuring each simulated radio individually. Training Instructors can monitor an entire classroom of trainees using CNR-Sim. Instructors can remotely configure and control trainees’ radios, providing training assistance from a centralized location. In addition, Instructors can disrupt a trainee’s use of CNR-Sim, simulating real-world communications problems and equipment failures.

Further information about CNR-Monitor can be found on Calytrix’s website.


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