Calytrix Continues to Support the ADSTC

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) is pleased to announce our ongoing support to the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC) after a recent decision to extend the existing Systems Support Services contract with the ADF. Calytrix has been the prime contractor to the Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC) since a competitive tender in March 2010, and has been providing the majority of technical support in that area since 2006. Recognising Calytrix’s positive contribution and delivery since that time, the Commonwealth has opted for an extension of the existing contract for the provision of core simulation, network, ICT and JLVC exercise delivery services until August 2015.

The recently formed ADSTC brings together a number of elements into one systems centre aimed at providing effective governance, a trained simulation and exercise support workforce, as well as applications and services that underpin a synthetic environment supporting the delivery of a complex joint training environment. The new organisation, under Commodore Charles McHardie, combines the Australian Defence Simulation Office (ADSO) with the Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC) and elements from the J7 and J8 branches at HQJOC.

CEO Shawn Parr notes Calytrix’s seven-year record of delivery within the joint simulation and training space supporting the growth and development of the JCTC from its early days as JP2098, "We can point to our long record of successful delivery within the JCTC and in turn the significant growth and maturity in the delivery of simulation support services to the ADF. This includes establishing the DTEN as a persistent network and its subsequent connectivity with the US JTEN, working with CIOG/IA to implement security and accreditation processes, establishment of Joint Training Data Services (JTDS) for the first time outside of the US, and the establishment of an FMS Case to provide access to JCATS, CXI Op Network and access for US based deployable Training Teams, not to mention a long list of successfully supported exercises. We are delighted to continue this long line of success into the ADSTC and we look forward to supporting the organisation's growth."

While the establishment of the ADSTC clearly broadens the exercise focused scope of the JCTC, Calytrix looks forward to continuing our support to simulation and training as the ADF faces the challenges of a reduced operational tempo, the introduction of the amphibious capability and preparations for the introduction of JP3035-2.