Calytrix CommNet Radio v5.1 Now Available

The Calytrix Comm Net Radio (CNR) family provides a full range of products and tools to connect, talk and playback live and simulated radio communications; including DIS/HLA traffic, live radio integration and touch screen radio interfaces.

The latest release of the CNR Family brings some exciting new features and is now available for download. New and notable changes are listed below.


CNR-Sim for Linux

CNR-Sim Linux support has been updated to now officially cover RedHat Enterprise Desktop v5 andUbuntu 12.04LTS. Installers are available for download now!

CNR-Sim Linux support updated!


CNR-Sim Audio Improvements

The latest release brings with it a number of enhancements to CNR-Sim.


CVSD Support

Most notable among these is the general availability of support for the CVSD codec. CNR-Sim is now able to interoperate fully with CVSD-enabled systems, such as the Lockheed Martin CCTT simulators, supporting bi-direction communication and logging.


Squelch Tones

CNR-Sim now allows users to select audio files to be mixed into the audio signal at the beginning and end of outgoing transmissions. Users can select any audio file to be mixed into the outgoing signal at the beginning or end of a transmission (or both). Other users will hear these tones and they will be captured by CNR-Log for After Action Review.

Squelch Leader and Tail tones


Ambient Sound

The introduction of Ambient Sound support to CNR-Sim allows users to select a wav file that will be automatically mixed with outgoing voice signals to provide a richer sound environment. Users can select from common background noises, such as an engine hum, crowd noises or any custom audio track, and these sounds will be looped and mixed into all outgoing transmissions. 

Ambient Background Sounds




Calytrix CNR-Effect automatically calculates the level and type of signal degradation and loss to be applied to incoming transmissions based on factors such as the radio location, antenna type, power and terrain. In the latest release we have improved the quality of the degradation effects to provide a better, more realistic sound. This includes enhancements to distortion, white noise and dropouts.

To hear CNR-Effects in action, check out this Youtube Video!

CNR-Effects Demonstration

In addition to improved degradation settings, Calytrix have added a "Vocal Proximity" plug-in that will allow for signal loss to be calculated in a manner consistent with the range of the human voice. This can be used in various simulations to allow users to hear each other (or not) when they are within "shouting distance".


Calytrix CNR-Log records all radio traffic on the network and logs it for later playback and After Action Review. In the latest release enhancements have been made to support the logging of Text Chat transmissions sent between CNR-Sim instances and to generate a transcript of this information to support AAR. The CNR-Log UI has also been updated to show the name of the radio that sent a transmission, with filtering support also enhanced to allow users to focus in on transmissions from a single radio or set of radios.

CNR-Log Radio Names and Text Transmissions


CNR Software Developers Kit

This release also brings with it a major update in the CNR-Sim software developers kit. Version two of the API has now been released, focusing on providing light-weight and high-performance access to CNR-Sim instances on a network for remote management. The new API has also undergone a review of the set of features, and the way it exposes them to simplify this process, allowing more actions to be completed in fewer lines of code. Finally, all the main function of the radio simulation has now been opened up through the SDK, allowing complete control over CNR-Sim.

Libraries have been provided in C++ and Java covering a number of compilers. CNR-Sim currently still ships with, and defaults to its legacy SDK while users with API access transition to the new platform.

The CNR-Sim SDK provides access and remote control features to application developers



Calytrix CNR v5.1 is now available to all users under active maintenance. You can get access to the latest release by emailing