Sea Cadets train with Calytrix’s Comm Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim)

The United Kingdom Sea Cadets use Calytrix’s Comm Net Radio Simulator (CNR-Sim) at various sites, where young cadets learn about radio operations and procedures through actual practice with CNR-Sim, a Push-To-Talk radio simulator. Calytrix is pleased that CNR-Sim is helpful to the Sea Cadets organization and the young cadets.

Info (excerpt) from Sea Cadet's web site:


Whether at sea or on land, the Sea Cadets offers young people across the UK amazing opportunities for personal development - by learning new skills and working in teams - we offer an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration.

Established in 1856 the Sea Cadets was created by communities wanting to give young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the unit building.

Today, 14,000 young people based in 400 units in towns, cities and ports across the UK are challenging themselves and developing new skills, like sailing, boating and rock climbing - supported by 9,000 volunteers.

Our biggest supporter is the Royal Navy, plus we receive corporate support from the commercial Maritime sector.