CNR provides critical communications for a major Defence training activity

Both CNR-Sim and CNR-Live provided critical communications support during the Australian Defence Force's Pozieres Prospect 13 exercise. "This event was the single largest, most complex simulation enabled, C2 Integrated event ever delivered in Australia.", said the Director of JCTC.


The Amphibious Task Group (ATG) used 45 laptops with CNR-Sim boxes to coordinate actions between the Joint Operations Room (JOR), the Ship-to-Objective Manoeuvre (STOM) cell and the simulation interactors over the Wide Area Network (WAN) between Townsville and Brisbane. At the same time an Army Brigade (BDE) was using CNR-Sim for each of the battle groups in the simulation centre, as an alternative to using real radios.


Separately, the Brigade Air Liaison Officer (BALO) who was deployed in the field with the Brigade HQ in Townsville, used a radio connection to a CNR-Live box to manage the BDE air space, and deliver Time Sensitive Targeting (TST) information to the Air Force simulation interactors in Brisbane. This type of communication, over a distance of 1,500km, is only possible by linking the real radios through CNR-Live and in doing so added significant realism to the training event. The lead technical planner for the exercise, Mr Greg Quilliam, stated that the CNR systems were a vital component of the exercise's success.

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