CNR & VENOM for UAS Training

Pilots and payload operators using the VENOM training suite for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) use Calytrix's Comm Net Radio (CNR) for simulated radio communications during training. CNR-Sim lets VENOM pilots and payload operators communicate realistically with other role players in the training scenario, including Air Traffic Control, Command Centers, and other aircraft. CNR-Log records the simulated radio traffic for After Action Review (AAR).


The Virtual ENvironment Operations Module, VENOM, from Legion Training and Simulation and Roy Aircraft and Avionic Simulation, is a new, low cost, ultra high fidelity Modeling & Simulation suite for UAS operations training. VENOM is fully configurable to match any UAS Platform, Sensor Payload, and Mission, including Fixed-Wing, Helicopter, Multi-Rotor, and Experimental platforms.

VENOM diagram