CNR-Skins Released

Calytrix announces the inaugural release of its newest Comm Net Radio (CNR) product, CNR-Skins. CNR-Skins extends CNR-Sim Pro with a set of prebuilt, fully interactive, graphical radio faceplates ("skins") for more realistic operator training. All "skins" are pre-programmed for use with CNR-Sim Pro for realtime simulated radio communications with realistic operator controls and displays. CNR-Skins' radio knobs and switches look and behave like those on the associated real radio. Output displays look like the real radios' displays.


Currently, CNR-Skins includes the following radio skins:


  • AN/PRC-117F (Harris Corporation Falcon III 117F)
  • AN/PRC-117G (Harris Corporation Falcon III 117G)
  • AN/PRC-119 (ITT Communications Systems SINCGARS RT-1523)
  • AN/PRC-148 (Thales Communications MBITR)
  • AN/PRC-152 (Harris Corporation Falcon III 152)
  • AN/PRC-25 (Associated Industries “Prick Twenty-Five”)
  • CNR-9101A (Tadiran Communications CNR 9101A)

CNR-Skins can be used with a standard display monitor but is especially useful on a touchscreen placed next to the user's workstations.

As time goes by, Calytrix will add more radio models ("skins") to CNR-Skins, based on customer demand.

CNR-Skins is available for free evaluation with the AN/PRC-25 Vietnam era radio.