CNR-Sim 4.5 Released

Calytrix Technologies announces release of CNR version 4.5, the latest upgrade to our Comm Net Radio (CNR) family of products.  In addition to a number of technical and feature improvements, this release includes CNR-Skins, a set of interactive, realistic graphical radio faceplates to enhance the training experience.


Some of the new improvements in CNR Sim 4.5 include:


For the End User:

  • CNR-Hud: a Heads Up Display for VBS2, managing CNR-Sim easily while staying in the game. It is no longer necessary to switch away from VBS2's main display to operate CNR-Sim.
  • CNR-Sim Free: now supports Push To Talk (PTT), Mute, and Channel Up/Down hotkeys
  • CNR-Log: Individual playback of a single recording, even if that recording's original transmission overlapped with other transmissions


For the Administrator:

  • Unified XML-based configuration of all CNR products
  • Restricted execution modes allow Administrators to control end users' access to configuration settings and runtime features
  • New command line arguments
  • Improved API functions and documentation
  • Enhanced runtime status logging and error messages


Customers with current software support agreements are being notified of the availability of CNR version 4.5, for download at their convenience. Other interested persons should contact