Calytrix Presents at OneSAF Conference

Calytrix Technologies (US) was pleased to present at the recently held OneSAF 2008 Users Conference in Orlando.

During this event Calytrix presented an introduction to VBS2 and its integration to OneSAF via LVC Game, including a brief on development history and current capabilities. The presentation included a live demonstration of VBS2 through LVC Game via DIS to OneSAF 2.0. The demonstration included the creation of entities, a direct fire event by OneSAF visualized in VBS2, and VBS2 fire and detonation events. Attendees also were shown a new VBS2 Predator UAV flying over the OneSAF Operations Area, displaying the battle scene below in 3D. In addition, a VBS2 soldier on the ground used laser-designating to light targets, which caused OneSAF to indicate graphically the source and target of that laser designation.

Please Download our OneSAF 2008 Presentation here.

For more information on LVC Game, VBS2 or OneSAF please contact sales.

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