Calytrix I/ITSEC Newsletter: December 2019

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    Calytrix 2020 Solutions Booklet

    Its been a busy year at Calytrix and you might be surprised by some of the activities keeping us occupied. From working on projects with the Internet of Things (IoT) to designing Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) solutions, or getting to the bottom of the true costs of Distributed Mission Training (DMT), Calytrix has been blending training, simulation and engineering expertise to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

    Learn more about the true capabilities of Calytrix: Download our 2020 Solutions booklet.

    Visit us at I/ITSEC 2019

    Booth 1249

    Hosting booth 1249 at this year's I/ITSEC show, Calytrix will be running a "Cloud on Post" Modelling and Simulation as a Services (MSaaS) demonstration that will walk our guests through modern cloud technologies; the application of common simulation services such as terrain, exercise management and logging servers; deployment and management capabilities; and the deployment of 3D virtual systems to cloud connected thin clients with the integration of an "end point" legacy DIS/HLA simulator.

    Our team looks forward to welcoming you to I/ITSEC at booth 1249.

    Where to see Titan Vanguard at I/ITSEC 2019

    Booth Guide

    Are you looking for a demonstration of Titan Vanguard? Visit Calytrix/TitanIM and our partners on the show floor:

    • Calytrix/TitanIM - Booth 1249
    • Full product demonstration, Titan in the Cloud, VR Helicopter Rear Gunner and Hoist Simulator.

    And our 2019 partners:

    • Bugeye Technologies - Booth 1386
    • Fixed Wing Simulator

    • Kratos - Booth 1312
    • VR/AR Holodeck

    • Laser Shot - Booth 1001
    • Cogent Integration with WR Systems

    • Leidos - Booth 1413
    • FOX-V Exercise Management Platform

    • Matrox Graphics - Booth 787
    • Titan Vanguard

    • Polhemus - Booth 1920
    • JTAC Integration using Polhemus tracking solutions

    • StepScan - Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence - Booth 1871
    • Titan integrated with StepScan floor tile platform

    • Virtual Simulation Systems - Booth 1093
    • Titan product demonstration, AR LSO, Gunnery Trainer and Portable JTAC Simulation

    Calytrix EON and MSaaS

    Exercise Orchestration Network

    As part of our MSaaS demonstration at I/ITSEC 2019, Calytrix will be showing EON, our developing Exercise Orchestration Network suite of tools.

    EON delivers an integrated family of tools to support training deployment and cloud services; including online terrain services, integrated exercise planning and assessment, exercise design and network/cloud orchestration and management.

    As dedicated WAN and cloud facilities become commonplace, EON delivers the backbone to plan and deliver training using LVC assets in a cost effective and automated manner.

    Titan Vanguard 2020 Release Preview

    Q2 2020

    The next update of Titan Vanguard is well underway and being prepared for its largest release in the first half of 2020.

    Vanguard 2020.1 will feature an updated full 64-bit high-performance architecture; new user interfaces; improved simulation of thermal imaging, ocean states and global tree placement; a new REST API; and a number of terrain development tools including high-fidelity inserts,global 10m imagery and a new rapid import pipeline toolset. Check out the video here.

    Calytrix One World Server

    Terrain Data Management

    Shipped standard with Titan Vanguard and available as part of our growing Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) toolkit, Calytrix One World Server (OWS) provides a centralized terrain server for distributing or streaming terrain across your simulation network over a LAN, WAN of via the Cloud.

    OWS acts as a data repository for source, provides storage and network access to Titan Vanguard base terrains including the latest versions that integrate 10m imagery with global coverage, provide a centralized management facility for Titan Terrain Packs and streams imagery and map tile services both into Titan and to other OGC standards based mapping applications. OWS provides a simple to use web-based user interface and is designed to manage and deliver reusable terrain to the Point of Need.

    Calytrix Commences Delivery into JP9711-1


    With our first $40m of work now under contract, Calytrix is ramping up its support to Lockheed Martin Australia and the JP9711-1 Core Simulation Capability for the Australian Defence Force. Calytrix's roles include:

  • Simulation development services
  • Terrain development services
  • Professional Interactor services
  • COTS Products

  • We look forward to supporting the ADF as it delivers training to the Point of Need through MSaaS capabilities.

    Sneek Peak at CNR-Handheld

    CommNet Radio

    Calytrix will be running closed door demonstrations of its CNR Handheld emulated military equipment (EME) solution at I/ITSEC.

    CNR Handheld is a fully functional CNR WiFi (or tethered) device that fits within your existing CNR simulated radio network to deliver a physical radio option to users.

    I/ITSEC 2019 December 2019 Orlando, Florida
    VIDSE March 2020 Hanoi, Vietnam
    DSET MArch 2020 Bristol, UK
    ITEC 2020 April 2020 London, UK
    Land Forces Spetember 2020 Queensland, Australia

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