CNR-Sidetone & CNR-Intercom at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

The US Army's Mission Training Complex (MTC) at Joint Base Lewis-McChord has begun using Calytrix's CNR-Sidetone and CNR-Intercom devices in their Stryker vehicle simulator trainers.

Each Stryker vehicle trainer has five stations manned by a single soldier, and each station uses CNR-Sidetone for maximum audio realism for the trainee. Each CNR-Sidetone also provides Push To Talk activation that separates radio communications from in-vehicle intercom chatter. A central CNR-Intercom (one per simulated Stryker vehicle) mixes the audio from those five trainees' individual voices and feeds that composite team audio back to all trainees. The result is a natural-sounding radio and team intercom audio environment for all participants in the Stryker trainers.

"CNR-Sidetone and CNR-Intercom have dramatically improved the audio environment of our Stryker trainers, and they let us differentiate radio and intercom traffic," said Major Mike Stinchfield, the MTC's Simulation Director. "We use these CNR products with VBS2 to train Stryker crews, because we needed realistic simulated radio and intercom along with our 3D graphics."

CNR-Sidetone - Front view