CNR-Live in US Military Training Exercise


Calytrix’s CNR-Live was used successfully on a US military training exercise in September 2011. 


At an exercise site in the midwestern US, a military radio was connected to CNR-Live operating on a secure network.  A Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) “in the field” of the exercise area used his field radio to Call For Fire during the training exercise.  The JTAC’s Calls for Fire were received by the military radio connected to CNR-Live, then processed by CNR-Live into computer data transmitted over the secure computer network to a remote listener about 700 miles away.  The distant participant’s response came back over the long-haul computer network into CNR-Live, where it was converted into speech and transmitted by the military radio connected to CNR-Live to the JTAC in the field.   The use of CNR-Live permitted a live trainee “in the field”  to engage in real-time with exercise participants in simulators hundreds of miles away, saving much money that would otherwise have been required for travel and logistics expenses to place all exercise participants and equipment at the same training site.



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