Calytrix Technologies Releases LVC Game for X-Plane


Damon Curry, Int’l Sales Manager
Calytrix Technologies
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LVC Game, the leading DIS/HLA middleware empowering serious
games for serious training, is now available for use with X-Plane Pro


Dayton, OH (2 June 2011) – Calytrix Technologies announces LVC Game for X-Plane Pro.  LVC Game is Calytrix’s interface software that enables third-party products with DIS/HLA interconnectivity, permitting serious training in distributed simulation and training environments.  X-Plane is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers.

With LVC Game, X-Plane users can participate in small to very large scale distributed simulations with other Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) participants.  Example applications include flying formation with other LVC aircraft, flying as part of a joint task force, and operating in environments that include other simulation and training devices.

“X-Plane is more than a game.  It’s also an engineering tool,” said Austin Meyer, President of Laminar Research. “LVC Game expands the ways to accomplish serious training with X-Plane Pro.”

“LVC Game and X-Plane Pro are a powerful and low-cost combination,” said Shawn Parr, CEO of Calytrix Technologies.  “X-Plane Pro’s incredible flight simulation capabilities, meshed with LVC Game for DIS/HLA-based networking, provide heavy duty networked training affordably.”


About Calytrix Technologies


Calytrix Technologies is a defense training and simulation company specializing in delivering integrated training solutions.  Calytrix produces a number of commercial off-the-shelf products for simulation and training, including simulated radio and related voice communication tools for military and civil markets, and Live, Virtual, and Constructive gateways that interface game-technology products into mil-standards based distributed simulation environments.  Calytrix is based in Perth, Western Australia, with additional offices in Australia and the USA.  For more information, visit