LVC Cost Counter on show at ITEC

Supporting the Argument

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) is pleased to announce the release of Calytrix Cost Counter at ITEC 2011. Cost Counter is a new addition to the established and widely used LVC Game family of integration tools. In real-time, Cost Counter provides a web-enabled mechanism to track the savings your simulation delivers to the end user.

LVC Touch

Cost Counter allows you to set-up and report on multiple costing models; copy, export and share costing models; define reporting periods for sessions and exercises; generate reports; view live costing data; and export all data for further analysis. Cost Counter supports DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA 1516 and all major FOMS.

From an operational analysis perspective, Cost Counter allows the user to generate accurate and consistent costing data across multiple simulated experiments; to apply different costing models to compare and contrast results; and to export all costing data for further external analysis.

From a training perspective, Cost Counter accurately presents the savings being delivered by the simulation in real time. For the first time, users can easily and quickly capture and report cost saving data to help justify the argument for more simulation.

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