DeMIST (EON) Accepted by World Food Programme

World Food Programme

Calytrix Technologies (Australia) recently achieved final acceptance of its Disaster Management Interoperability Simulation and Training (DeMIST) software suite from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Based on Calytrix's Exercise and Operations Network (EON), the DeMIST capability was developed by Calytrix Technologies to support both operational and training activities for the WFP and partner agencies across Asia and other WFP areas of operation.

Acceptance of DeMIST represents a significant step forward for the program in which Calytrix partnered with the WFP to provide software development services, training exercise design, on site exercise support and training.

Calytrix EON

As part of the collaborative development approach, DeMIST has already been used in support of a number of WFP and inter-agency exercises in Asia and Africa with more planned for this year as demand grows from the WFP's partners.

Calytrix's EON Program Manager, Matt Moncrieff, said “Now that we have final acceptance in place, both Calytrix and the WFP are in a strong position to further develop the software as well as the complexity and scale of exercises it is supporting. These exercises have seriously tested EON's ability to operate in conditions of almost non-existent connectivity and have vindicated the robust approach we have taken”.

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