Serious Game Training Sees Significant Developments

Calytrix, TerraSim and eSIM Games working together to improve Steel Beasts:

Training activities that utilize serious games for mission rehearsal and group training will now benefit from new enhancements related to Steel Beasts Pro’s armored vehicle training scenarios.

  1. Calytrix Technologies, TerraSim, and eSim Games have announced the following improvements as a result of cooperative work, research, and development.

  2. 1.    Calytrix has updated its LVC Game software with a new plugin for Steel Beasts Pro, enabling DIS/HLA interconnectivity with constructive simulation runtimes including OneSAF, JointSAF, and JCATS as well as other serious game environments including Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2).

  3. 2.    TerraSim, using its TerraTools exporter for Steel Beasts terrain, released “Terrastan”, a new SBPro terrain database of a fictional but generally “Afghanistan-like” area. Terrastan is available to all Steel Beasts Professional users.from eSIM games.

  4. 3.    eSim Games has made signifcant updates and runtime performance improvements to Steel Beasts Pro with its PE 2.538 release to support complex urban environments.

Steel Beasts Pro is faster than ever and runs with top performance even when coupled with a complex terrain database. With LVC Game, Steel Beasts Pro users can now participate in DIS/HLA distributed simulations. These developments enable serious game users to train with combined arms exercises that use correlated terrain databases generated by TerraSim’s TerraTools “correlated by design, not translation” product.