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Calytrix Technologies (Australia) is pleased to announce the release of CNR-Sim v2.7 and CNR-Log v1.3. This new release also includes the new CNR-Sim FREE version.

CNR-Sim (Combat Net Radio Simulator) is a low cost software radio solution providing communications over the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) network. CNR-Log (Combat Net Radio Logger) is an interactive radio logger providing audio recording and playback over audio devices and the DIS network, on the fly conversion to WAVE files and After Action Review capabilities. CNR-Sim and CNR-Log offer full connectivity with ASTi radios and other DIS-compliant radio systems and is integrated with the VBS2 platform.

As part of this new release CNR-Sim is now available in three versions:

  • CNR-Sim FREE
  • CNR-Sim
  • CNR-Sim PRO
As the name implies, CNR-Sim FREE is available at no cost. CNR-Sim Free is a fully functioning product limited to two fixed radio nets and available for download now from CNR-Sim PRO now incorporates a Software Development Kit (SDK) for C++ and Java to enable third party applications to interact with a running CNR-Sim or CNR-Log application over a network. The CNR SDK provides a rich set of features to remotely interact with any Radio Simulator or Logger, including:
  • Start/Stop Transmission on CNR-Sim
  • Change channels remotely on CNR-Sim
  • Start/Stop/Replay radio records on CNR-Log
  • Manage radio recording sessions on CNR-Log
For a comprehensive list of SDK features please refer to the SDK distributed with CNR-Sim and CNR-Log.

For more information on CNR-Sim and CNR-Log please visit and get your free copy today.

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