SIMplicity helps UK Defence work smarter

Perth, Western Australia, April 02, 2004 The Directorate of Analysis, Experimentation and Simulation (DAES) in the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence has an ongoing programme to enhance the contribution of simulation to equipment acquisition. As part of this programme, DAES has purchased a Calytrix SIMplicity™licence and is evaluating how the Model Driven Architecture approach to simulation development - pioneered by Calytrix – can improve productivity whilst reducing time and cost.

According to Major Paul Bosher from DAES, defence is under increasing pressure “to do more and more with less and less”. “Modelling and Simulation allow us to create computer-based representations of systems and business processes” he said. “With these representations we are able to perform analysis and experimentations that allow us to become much smarter at what we do and what we buy.”

Mark Rheinlander, CEO of Calytrix Technologies commented, "We are delighted that the UK MoD has chosen SIMplicity as part of their simulation development environment.” “We are looking forward to this opportunity to assist DAES in increasing their distributed simulation capabilities and expect this to lead to further opportunities for Calytrix to support the UK MoD’s simulation programs."

About DAES: The Directorate of Analysis, Experimentation and Simulation (DAES) is part of the Equipment Capability Customer for the United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MoD). Part of DAES’s role in the UK MoD is to examine the use of simulation and Synthetic Environments to increase the MoD’s capability and reduce costs. For more information visit </section> </article>