Entire world in one simulation environment

Vanguard delivers the entire world in one simulation environment; from global planetary vistas, limitless draw distances from the cockpit views to every blade of grass on the ground. With 15cm deformable terrain, Vanguard is ready for your synthetic environment application.

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Simulation Through Stimulation

The integration of simulated, live and C2 systems made Vital Prospect 14 the largest simulation event ever delivered by the ADF.

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Counting the Cost of Simulation

While the technology argument for simulation has been made, and is supported by clear observational and anecdotal data from the field, the collection of actual costs and cost benefit data to justify the argument remains more elusive.

LVC Cost Counter:
Know what you're saving.

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Calytrix Technologies / Welcome

Calytrix Technologies is a Training and Simulation company specialising in developing and delivering integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive training solutions. Uniquely combining simulation product development with training subject matter experts Calytrix enhances operational readiness and training outcomes in both the Defence and Civilian domains.

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27 Nov

NATO MSG-136: Virtual Experiments with MSaaS

For the past six months Calytrix has been working with Lockheed Martin and the NATO MSG-136 Modelling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS) working group to experiment with ways to integrate high-fidelity virtual simulation environments like Titan Vanguard into the existing MSaaS testbed.

26 Nov

Calytrix and Trian Graphics - Redefining Terrain

Calytrix Technologies and TrianGraphics are pleased to announce their joint R&D partnership to develop innovative, yet simplified approaches to creating and managing correlated terrain exports for the Titan Vanguard synthetic environment.