Simulation Through Stimulation

The integration of simulated, live and C2 systems made Vital Prospect 14 the largest simulation event ever delivered by the ADF.

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Prime — Games for Training (GFT)

Project Management, Quality Assurance and Systems Integration. Calytrix is leading the delivery of Bohemia’s flagship product Virtual Battlespace (VBS3) to over 50 US Army Sites.

Quality Through Process

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Counting the Cost of Simulation

While the technology argument for simulation has been made, and is supported by clear observational and anecdotal data from the field, the collection of actual costs and cost benefit data to justify the argument remains more elusive.

LVC Cost Counter:
Know what you're saving.

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Calytrix Technologies / Welcome

Calytrix Technologies is a Training and Simulation company specialising in developing and delivering integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive training solutions. Uniquely combining simulation product development with training subject matter experts Calytrix enhances operational readiness and training outcomes in both the Defence and Civilian domains.

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6 May

Calytrix LVC Game v3.14 - Pi Release!

Calytrix Technologies today released a major update to its indsutry leading serious games integration platform, LVC Game. Lovingly dubbed our 'Pi' release, version 3.14 continues our work to improve the integration experience of all customers. With new workflows that fit naturally with the systems integration process, getting connected has never been as fast and painless as this!

24 Apr

Calytrix and IDS UK integrate Skywave into VBS

Calytrix Technologies has teamed up with IDS UK to integrate their high fidelity HF Skywave signal propagation model into CNR-Effects. Demonstated with VBS, the integration allows CNR-Sim to model core HF properties such as Automatic Link Establishment Delay, time of day adjustments, surface type effects and solar activity.