Simulation Through Stimulation

The integration of simulated, live and C2 systems made Vital Prospect 14 the largest simulation event ever delivered by the ADF.

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Prime — Games for Training (GFT)

Project Management, Quality Assurance and Systems Integration. Calytrix is leading the delivery of Bohemia’s flagship product Virtual Battlespace (VBS3) to over 50 US Army Sites.

Quality Through Process

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Counting the Cost of Simulation

While the technology argument for simulation has been made, and is supported by clear observational and anecdotal data from the field, the collection of actual costs and cost benefit data to justify the argument remains more elusive.

LVC Cost Counter:
Know what you're saving.

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Calytrix Technologies / Welcome

Calytrix Technologies is a Training and Simulation company specialising in developing and delivering integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive training solutions. Uniquely combining simulation product development with training subject matter experts Calytrix enhances operational readiness and training outcomes in both the Defence and Civilian domains.

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18 Feb

Calytrix Inject Planner v2.2 Released

Calytrix is pleased to announce the release of a new major update to its Inject Planner software. This release includes a number of changes and new features, includin an Upcoming Injects view, exercise cloning, live filtering, classification levels and much more.

11 Dec

Calytrix Newsletter: December 2014

Everything short of conflict is training. Calytrix understands the importance of realistic training and our products are designed to ensure the best possible outcome from every training event. In this issue we welcome you to I/ITSEC 2014, reveal our latest CNR Skin, show you how to use CNR-Monitor to train with realistic signal degradation effects and discuss OTH-Gold support.