Software Integration

Need a primer? Download our LVC Integration Primer. This paper introduces the concepts of LVC-integration and discusses some of the problems that must be solved. This briefing-level paper is designed for anyone unfamiliar with LVC integration who wants to gain an appreciation of its complexities and the major issues involved.

Demystifying the complexities of all those acronyms (DIS, HLA, DDS, TENA, C2 etc), Calytrix has designed and fielded some of the world’s most complex simulation networks, and we bring this experience to every simulation system we deploy.


Calytrix is committed to continually exceeding our customer expectations by providing a strong team of dedicated and highly experienced software engineers who understand the needs of our customers and how best to meet them.

Our expertise in software development and integration extends across the whole product lifecycle – from strategic business planning, project specification and management, through to software development, product delivery, training and support. Calytrix uses world-class methodologies, procedures and toolsets to ensure the highest quality products are delivered on time, every time.

Our team has extensive software engineering experience and our focus on design, process and testing reflects the principals that we believe are critical to predictable and repeatable project success.

Depending on the needs of our clients we are able to provide assistance in the following areas:


  • Architectural design & LVC
  • Synthetic Backbones design
  • Virtual, VR, AR and Constructive systems
  • Data services
  • After Action Review Systems
  • Interoperability frameworks
  • Simulated comms
  • Kinetic Cyber
  • Electronic Warfare
  • 3D Models
  • Terrain
  • Scenario creation


  • Simulation Products Areas:
    Virtual (e.g. Unity, Unreal, CSE, VBS) SAF (eg. JSAF, VR-Forces), COP, Stealth, Radio, Gateways, AAR & Performance Assessment, Logistics
  • Simulation Standards:
    DIS, HLA 1.3, HLA IEEE 1516, TENA, DDS, XMSF
  • C4I:
    Link 11 (TADIL A), Link 16 (TADIL J), CDLMS, GCCS
  • Middleware:

PoRTIco – Dedicated to Open Standards

A leader in High-Level Architecture: Calytrix is the lead contributor of The PoRTIco Project, a fully function open source RTI for your HLA federations. With over 20,000 downloads, PoRTIco provides a real alternative to costly commercial options.

Systems Integration

Our in-house LVC Game gateway provides a rapid framework services for integrating your systems into the world of DIS and HLA.

DIS Tool box

Calytrix has a proven set of DIS Tools to rapidly establish your simulation backbone with minimum fuss and full interoperability.

Our tools include:

  • DIS capture
  • DIS WAN Forwarder gateways
  • DIS Radio traffic logging and replay