Calytrix I/ITSEC Newsletter: November 2018

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
~ Buckminster Fuller

Visit us at I/ITSEC 2018

December 2018

Calytrix Technologies and Titan IM will be welcoming guests to Booth 1563 at the upcoming I/ITSEC conference in Orlando Florida. This year we will be focusing on three primary areas:

  • Titan Vanguard 2018 new features.
  • A new Augmented Reality (AR) system from Virtual Simulation Systems (VSS) that shows Vanguard in a re-configurable semi immersive training environment.
  • Previews of the new Titan Vanguard architecture being developed for the US Army's STE program (invitation only).

Our team looks forward to welcoming you to I/ITSEC at booth 1563.

Titan Vanguard ‐ New Technology for STE

September 2018

Calytrix and TitanIM are pleased to announce that our team has been awarded a further contract extension by the US Army for delivery of advanced technologies to the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) program. Our team has been involved with STE since its inception. Calytrix/TitanIM is one of only two groups awarded an OTA extension to demonstrate technology for the One World Terrain, Training Simulation Software and Training Management Tools concepts of the STE requirement. Titan Vanguard has been central to the STE program in helping to define concepts around global scale; open standards; new hardware architectures and advanced technologies; local and cloud deployment and in understanding how a single Common Virtual Environment can be applied across a range of applications. Vanguard is demonstrating first person shooter (FPS) to common simulator applications and seamlessly providing a constructive solution without the need for costly integration and data migration.

Vanguard's new and unique approach in delivering ease-of-use, cost savings, size, scale, speed and flexibility is proving invaluable in meeting STE's requirements:

  • Delivers a fully interactive terrain for the entire globe;
  • Operates equally well in the cloud or on a laptop;
  • Supports massive entity counts;
  • Supports space, air, land, sea and sub-surface applications in one seamless system;
  • Is facilitating a collapse of virtual and constructive concepts into a single platform; and
  • Delivers an open development platform that supports modern programming methodologies.

Our Simulation First architecture ensures that Vanguard moves beyond the limitations of serious games technology. It is a purpose‐built global military simulation with a focus on training, not on the game. A Simulation First approach takes the tools needed to design and deliver rich training out of the hands of developers and puts them into the hands of trainers.

Titan Vanguard 2018

December 2018

Calytrix and TitanIM are pleased to announce the public release of Titan Vanguard 2018. Starting in December, this release will be available to all customers and delivers a raft of new and improved features, including:

Vanguard's new and unique approach in delivering ease-of-use, cost savings, size, scale, speed and flexibility is proving invaluable in meeting STE's requirements:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) support
  • Improved scenario creation tools and action framework
  • Emissive textures and city night scenery
  • Large-scale pattern of life
  • Large-scale buildings for massive cities
  • FPS infantry group control
  • A One World Server and terrain streaming service
  • Random city generator
  • Improved global lakes and rivers datasets
  • High fidelity destructible buildings
  • Coastal region improvements and support for land below sea level
  • Weather improvements - lightning and thunder effects
  • Global airport footprints
  • Enhanced Sea States and improved boat physics
  • New grenade system - underarm/overarm throw, bounce off walls, etc
  • Dozens of new platforms and munitions including Apache TADS, New drawing tool with templates, layers, and enhanced control
  • Visual and Aural hit indicators, bleeding indicator, and other FPS enhancements
  • Greatly expanded C++ API and Scripting system
  • Instructor-specific radio system

Hundreds of new 3D models. Watch the 2018 new features video:

Portico Support for Cyber Physical Systems ‐ Phase 2

October 2018

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a second round of development funding to assist in the extension of NIST's UCEF (Universal Cyber-Physical Systems Environment for Federation) platform to improve its HLA integration and incorporate Portico v2.2.0.

In support of its research, notably in the areas of the Internet of Things (IoT), NIST is developing a test bed for the purpose of doing research on Smart Grid and Cyber Physical systems. A key component of this testbed is a platform that enables federated experiments. A federated experiment consists of reusable software and hardware components called federates that are connected into a larger federation to perform some useful experiment. A federate could be a piece of equipment or a simulation model and can be located anywhere such as on a local machine, in the cloud, or at geographically dispersed test facilities. The NIST developed testbed uses The Portico Run-Time Infrastructure (RTI) for its data distribution across its network using the High-Level Architecture (HLA). Calytrix will be working with NIST to add new capabilities to UCEF and Portico in support of its research.

For more information please email

Best Paper at SISO Spring 2018 ‐ Examining HLA, Security and the Internet of Things

September 2018

Calytrix CTO, Dr Tim Pokorny, in partnership with Thomas Roth and Martin Burns from the Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office at the National Institute of Standards and Technology were awarded a SIWzie Best Paper award at the Simulation and Interoperability Standards Organisation's (SISO) Spring 2018 conference for their paper entitled Extending Portico HLA to Federations of Federations with Transport Layer Security Congratulations to all for their outstanding work.

The following abstract provides an overview of the work:

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to connect and manage an unprecedented number of heterogeneous devices that are not designed to interoperate as a system. Modeling and Simulation of IoT will face new challenges in the representation of this scale because an accurate model must consider the characteristics of each unique IoT device in the system. In addition, hardware-in-the-loop simulation of IoT will produce massive quantities of information that can overwhelm the processing power of the low-power devices often deployed in these systems.

This paper introduces a new infrastructural component called a Forwarder to the Portico implementation of the High-Level Architecture (HLA). It transforms the flat structure of HLA into a hierarchical structure where federates are partitioned into different clusters that communicate through their respective Forwarders. A Forwarder acts as both a data router between the different clusters in the federation, and a firewall that limits the amount of information that traverses the boundaries of its local cluster. Using this approach, Portico now has a scalable architecture suited to IoT that simulates a federation of hierarchical federations. A novel aspect of the Forwarder design is that the scalability of HLA traffic flow is amplified by the inherent function of traditional Internet Switch fabric technology.

This technology resulted from a collaboration between the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and Portico's core development team at Calytrix Technologies. The new Portico 2.2.0 will be used in the Universal CPS Environment for Federation (UCEF) and in other projects worldwide.

A copy of the paper is available from the SISO website .

Calytrix a Finalist in PM's Veterans' Employment Awards

November 2018

Calytrix Technologies was pleased to be named as a finalist in the Prime Minister's Veterans' Employment Awards. Calytrix was nominated as one of three finalists in the Veterans' Employer of the Year - Small to Medium-Sized Business which was deservedly won by Secure Windows in a ceremony held at Parliament House.

The finalists in the Prime Minister's Veterans' Employment Awards highlight the innovative ways businesses are attracting, recruiting and retaining veterans. They recognise and celebrate Australian organisations that support the successful transition of veterans into civilian careers.

Calytrix congratulates all of this year's entrants, finalists and winners.

(Left to Right): Mr. Steve Salmon, Air Chief Marshal Preecha Pradabmook, Mr. Shawn Parr

DTI Thailand Selects Titan Vanguard for Emergency Response Application

September 2018

Calytrix (Australia) is pleased to announce the sale of Titan Vanguard to the Defence Technology Institute (Public Organisation) of Thailand for use as a Common Operating Picture (COP) and simulation platform for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) applications.

In attendance at the signing ceremony in Bangkok Thailand were Air Chief Marshal Preecha Pradabmook (PhD), Director General of DTI, Gp Capt Chamnan Kumsap (PhD) of DTI, Shawn Parr, CEO of Calytrix Technologies and Steve Salmon, Principle of Calytrix Technologies.

Calytrix has been working with DTI for more than two years delivering training and research collaboration through their Bangkok office.Calytrix looks forward to growing its collaborative partnership with DTI over the coming years.

Partnership for Combined Arms ‐ Calytrix and eSIM games

November 2018

Delivering Combined Arms and advanced joint capabilities, Calytrix and ESim Games have partnered to deliver interoperability services to our shared users between Titan Vanguard and Steel Beasts Professional.

Steel Beasts Professional from eSim Games is the leading provider of advanced land combat vehicle training, delivering highly accurate crew procedure training and complex scenario development. Titan Vanguard from Calytrix Technologies & TitanIM delivers a global simulation capability across the land, sea and air domains.

Correlated Terrain ‐ Steal Beasts Pro ▲ and Titan Vanguard ▼
To better support our shared customers, eSim Games and Calytrix have teamed up to simplify deeper interoperability between our virtual 3D systems. Building on the strengths of both systems, Titan Vanguard adds advanced infantry capabilities for Combined Arms, naval and air artillery support (and Joint Fires), UAV and other large terrain capabilities to the Steel Beasts training platform. To facilitate this interoperability; we are pleased to provide:
  • 3D MODEL PACKS: To further support interoperability, a number of popular Steel Beasts 3D models have been ported to Titan Vanguard
  • COMMS NETWORKS: Pre-defined example radio configuration files for CNR-Sim noting that all radio traffic between Vanguard and Steel Beasts over CNR will be captured in the Vanguard AAR.
  • CORRELATED TERRAIN: A library of correlated terrain areas is provided to support users connecting the two systems.
  • ENTITY MAPPING FILES: Pre-defined DIS/HLA entity mapping files for the shared LVC Game interoperability gateway.

To access this integration pack and LVC interoperability services please contact .

Titan Vanguard Rolls Out in ADF JTAC Simulators

December 2018

Rockwell Collins and Virtual Simulation Systems have begun rolling out Australia's fleet of JTAC training systems across 8 bases in a $40m program. These systems consist of both classroom trainers and large, 18-channel projection domes at each site. These are the most advanced JTAC simulators in the world today and Titan Vanguard is both the IG and the simulation software used to drive them, with many physical items of simulated and real-world equipment integrated seamlessly.

The systems feature many enhancements to Titan Vanguard's extensive JTAC capability, which will continue to be upgraded over the next three years as new equipment, platforms and tactics come into service.

Jordan Expands Use of Titan Vanguard JTAC Simulation

November 2018

After more than a year of constant operations of its existing MOA accredited Titan Vanguard based JTAC simulators under the stewardship of VSE, the Kingdom of Jordan has expanded its fleet of JTAC simulations by an additional two systems, being delivered in December of this year by Virtual Simulation Systems and Titan Global. The training delivery and technical support provided by Calytrix has also been extended, following the incredible success of the current, MOA accredited, training being delivered on the Titan systems. We are thrilled to support the great work being done by the Jordanian Armed Forces and Quick Reaction Force in pushing the forefront of technology to enhance their operational training.

Titan Vanguard used in US Navy/RAN Landing Safety Officer Program

November 2018

Titan Vanguard has been selected and fielded by CAE as the simulation software for NAWCTSD's ELSOPTT program with the Royal Australian Navy. In the simulator built by Virtual Simulation Systems, Titan Vanguard is used as the Augmented Reality (AR) virtual display, all cabin gauges and interactive displays, the simulation host and synchronized live/virtual after action review, as well as the semi-autonomous courseware component which leverages Titan Vanguard's open architecture and rapid development capabilities.

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New Features 2018 World Tour JTAC Demonstration

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