Australian Army signs Enterprise License for Titan Vanguard

The Australian Army recently signed a two-year enterprise licence agreement for Titan Vanguard. Vanguard has been in use within the Australian Army for the past two years providing the synthetic environment in a variety of simulators across each of the three Services. This current agreement places Vanguard within the heart of Army’s Land Simulation Core (LS Core) environment and enhances the Australian Army’s ability to support Simulation enabled Collective Training (SeCT).

The Army Simulation Manual (ASM) states that the Land Simulation Core (LS Core) is the focal point of the Land Simulation Capability. LS Core is responsible for the provision and maintenance of software, data and tools required to support the Live, Virtual and Constructive simulation training domains. LS Core delivers enhanced simulation interoperability while reducing sustainment and training overheads associated with the maintenance of countless systems.

Titan Vanguard is one of the Virtual simulation software tools used to support Simulation enabled Collective Training (SeCT) within Army. Titan Vanguard provides a holistic simulation environment that provides for training of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) at any point in the world. Titan Vanguard is currently utilised as the virtual simulation system of choice for a number of projects within the Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) and Army Aviation (AAvn).

As part of the licencing agreement with Army, Calytrix will be providing project management, licencing management, software development and conducting a number of training courses throughout Australia.

Calytrix would like to acknowledge the Australian Army as the first large scale enterprise licensee of Titan Vanguard.